Uplifting Spaces



The consultant had the opportunity to travel and give workshops introducing JSH-online and the Concord update to Reading Room and Churches across the country in the spring of 2012.
She continues giving these workshops. 

  • JSH-online and Concord and Technology


  • Metaphysics and the Reading Room: "Revitalizing Spaces: Working with the physical and metaphysical structure of Reading Rooms to witness prosperity" 
  • (go to: www.csdirectory.com/learningcenter/index.html and scroll down page to find the title of this talk; click "Add to cart" to purchase MP3; follow instructions on screen; once MP3 is downloaded, you will be able to listen to MP3). 
  • Introduction to Uplifting Spaces


  • JSH-online and Concord for individuals (i.e. readers, librarian, practitioner and group settings: i.e. group of librarians). 
  • Training on POS system; consultant can set up your POS system and train librarians
  • Consultant can upload a RR inventory data-base in to Square and set up square for your RR