Uplifting Spaces

Uplifting Your Space

Few words to share to uplift your space!

Tri-State Reading Room New York during storm Sandy October-November 2012

During hurricane Sandy, the librarians at Tri-State RR wanted to keep the RR open as much as possible. My husband and I went down Sunday night before the storm hit, to unplug all of the electronics and to seal up the door frame.

Another librarian and myself went to the RR on Thursday, November 1st and kept it open, even though there was no power.It was a little chilly…but we handed out literature packets to passerby’s on the sidewalk and welcomed them to come in.

Friday, November 2nd, I went to the RR by myself and lit some candles! This gave the RR a warm and inviting feel. There was still no power but I still handed out visitor packets. We wanted people to see we were still open to the community, a beacon of light during this trying time for many people.

Saturday, November 3rd, the power was back on!  Fortunately, there was no water damage to the RR. All the electronics were functioning and the heat was a welcoming feature.

Robin Hutchinson