Uplifting Spaces

Services and Skills

services and skills

Listed, but not limited to, are services that are provided for your Reading Room:
* Technology and training-set up POS system and import inventory for easy sales transactions; training librarians on the POS system
* Design-graphic design materials
* Organizing-organize and go through inventory, etc. to help create an orderly space
* Decorating-layout designs and furniture and accessory suggestions
• Administration-forms for your Reading Room (daily sheets; daily task sheet; opening and closing duties, etc.

For more information on any of these services, contact the consultant. 
Operational forms are available for your Reading Room. 
To see more information, email the consultant and forms can be emailed to you. 


The consultant had the opportunity to travel and give workshops introducing JSH-online and the Concord update to Reading Room and Churches across the country in the spring of 2012.
She continues giving these workshops. 

  • JSH-online and Concord and Technology


  • Metaphysics and the Reading Room: "Revitalizing Spaces: Working with the physical and metaphysical structure of Reading Rooms to witness prosperity"

  • (go to: www.csdirectory.com/learningcenter/index.html and scroll down page to find the title of this talk; click "Add to cart" to purchase MP3; follow instructions on screen; once MP3 is downloaded, you will be able to listen to MP3).

  • Introduction to Uplifting Spaces


  • JSH-online and Concord for individuals (i.e. readers, librarian, practitioner and group settings: i.e. group of librarians).

  • Training on POS system; consultant can set up your POS system and train librarians

  • Consultant can upload a RR inventory data-base in to Square and set up square for your RR