Uplifting Spaces
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About Uplifting Spaces


About uplifting spaces

What is Uplifting Spaces? (Artnology LLC DBA Uplifting Spaces).  It is a consulting company for Christian Science Reading Rooms (RR) to assist them by offering services, workshops, training, and metaphysical support. 
In her travels across the country, the consultant has visited many reading rooms.  Due to her travels, it became noted that some RR's could use support from a non-objective point of view. 
She is available to assist, not only with practical support, but with metaphysical support.  She will prayerfully work with the librarians, listening to what steps to take to help bring out the vision of your RR. 
As a consultant, she provides services, such as graphic design, organizing, assistance with POS and other technology, training of librarians, and workshops. Workshops and services are offered as specific or tailored to meet the needs of your RR. For more information on what services or workshops are offered, click on the tabs above. 
The consultant is willing to meet with your librarians and or church members in person or through Skype to discuss your RR needs. 
She is looking forward to the uplifting of your space!

Robin Hutchinson, founder of Uplifting Spaces, is class taught, with 10 years of Reading Room experience. She has long sought to find ways to assist with invigorating Reading Rooms.
Recent Reading Room experience include:

• Implement and oversee POS system for NY RR; install software,

• import inventory, hand scan inventory using ShopKeep and Square

•Librarian at New York City Reading Rooms

  • Librarian and Creative Assistant for a NY Reading Room

  • Reading Room Layout and Re-Organization

  • Reading Room Design Committee for Reading Room renovation

  • Reading Room Window Design and Execution

  • Creation of Marketing Materials (Flyers, Posters, etc.)

  • Help prepare a Reading Room for opening day